Unforgetable Ceremonies

The perfect wedding day starts with the perfect ceremony and DJ Ryan can help make that happen. He will play all your requested music from the processional to the recessional and will work with your officiator to ensure everything runs smoothly.

DJ Ryan uses Sennheiser handheld and lavaliere microphones as well as a crown powered JBL system to deliver a crisp clear sound all your guests can hear. If you are using a professional videographer, they will have the ability to plug into this system for the best possible live audio. Best of all, DJ Ryan will keep his equipment and himself virtually invisible to cameras and guests so the focus remains on you.

Your Classy Professionals

His attention to detail, attentiveness and years of experience will help any bride feel at ease. Ryan is a well-seasoned party host with the finesse of an experienced toastmaster, properly guiding you through all the introductions and formalities.

When it comes to dancing, you can count on DJ Ryan Rousseau to create the ultimate party atmosphere. By mixing a tremendous variety of music from the 40’s to today’s most popular songs, Ryan can please all ages and musical tastes. He is a fun, lively, outgoing DJ specializing in audience participation. Ryan is a skilled dancer, with the ability to lead your guests in any of the popular line dances upon request. Most importantly, he will never lose focus of your wishes and requests, musically or otherwise. DJ Ryan Rousseau will go above and beyond to meet your expectations and create the wedding reception you have always dreamed of.